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I will never vote for a Stepford candidate.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign is based entirely on her “35 years of experience” – as Bill Clinton’s wife.  Which does not qualify her to be president – instead she should be a shoo-in as a guest on the Dr. Phil show.  Voters are being reminded of the Clinton Fatigue we felt in 2000.  We don’t want to be a part of their marriage.  Whatever those issues are – we don’t care, and we don’t want to engage in their drama.

And, oddly enough… I feel the same way about Mitt Romney.  His narrative, while the marital opposite of the Clinton’s, still sends an antiquated message.  Get married, have babies, go to church a lot, make the right political friends, hire the highest price consultants, and then self-fund.  Cuz everyone likes a self-funder.  Look perfect, seem perfect.  Be disciplined.  Make sure the kids are on message.  It’s all so damn perfect.  It doesn’t look like the life most Americans lead.

Floridians are voting today – and it’s a winner take all state.  If Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are the nominees – it’s Stepford 2.0.

If it’s McCain – Obama… well, we won’t need to call Dr. Phil for an intervention.

—Media Lizzy