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Yesterday’s news was the endorsement from the Caroline Kennedy, daughter of President John F. Kennedy & Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She remains America’s daughter – her kind face is mature now – but she is still the girl from so many iconic photos – when America was a bold, hopeful nation – following our President into new frontiers. Her eloquence in the piece she wrote for the New York Times, “A President Like My Father,” transcended her Democratic heritage – and served as a reminder of Camelot circa 1960-1963.

Her writing was genuine, evocative. And a brilliant, strategic and pitch-perfect political move that teed up a dramatic endorsement from Uncle Teddy – Senator Edward Kennedy – at American University, a place where JFK once spoke and inspired a new generation of voters.

The effects… Bill & Hillary Clinton lost this round, and perhaps the nomination. Having the support of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend simply isn’t enough. She’s lovely – but she ain’t from Camelot. It’s deeper than that – The Clinton campaign has been cashing in their favors nationwide. But no one commands the favor of Democrats MORE than the Kennedy family. No one.

Uncle Teddy gave establishment Democrats – and all their donors – permission to come home to the Kennedy Wing of the Democratic Party. They were there before the Clintons. They will be there when the Clintons are gone. Furthermore – Caroline Kennedy gave independents and Republicans permission to like Obama, and to put their faith in the kennedy Family again.

It is a powerful, persuasive argument.

— Media Lizzy