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Now that Rudy took third in Florida, it’s being reported everywhere that he’ll join John McCain in California tomorrow before the debate – and deliver his endorsement.


Schwarzenegger no longer has a Sophie’s Choice to make between the two moderate Republicans and:

  • Giuliani’s California organization is populated with hard-core Bush supporters – rallying those folks to McCain’s team is a HUGE deal for GOTV (get out the vote) activities in the next few days. Much like the 72 hours plan with Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s folks – this is a big deal.
  • Look for a real fight in Orange County – this is where the establishment has rallied for Romney, the Young Republicans have rallied for Rudy, and there is a ton of money still to be had.

Woohoo, we have a race! I am off to read the Field Poll!

—Media Lizzy