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I’ve received a couple of calls. A handful of emails. Some in California are suspecting, hoping or speculating that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse Senator John McCain. Frankly, Schwarzenegger’s team is far more disciplined than to get this sloppy. But… maybe it’s real. Maybe it’s dependent on the outcome in Florida tonight. Maybe it’s wishful thinking after everyone read Carla Marinucci’s story in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle, Schwarzenegger Praises McCain and Obama.

Why all the hype? Earlier today, Governor Schwarzenegger spoke at the Sacramento Press Club. He took questions, and some are over-interpreting his answers. Listen HERE – certainly, he does share that he has a favorite.

If Arnold does endorse McCain, that is great news for McCain. Not surprising though, given the makeup of McCain’s finance committee – names like Argyros, Bren drive confidence. McCain also receives advice from political lion Gerry Parsky who maintains a close working relationship with Schwarzenegger. So, despite the inevitable griping from political staffers and zealots there are forces at work that have been making things happen since I was an ovum, and Hillary was drooling over Saul Alinsky.

The real win for McCain would be the earned media bump between now and Super Tuesday. Californians have been early voting for a couple of weeks – a blitz around the state with Arnold – would have an enormous impact.

If no endorsement comes… it’s a battle among consultants and pollsters – working electoral mojo.

—Media Lizzy