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Whilst in preparation for Mardi Gras celebrations, and Super Tuesday results…. I decided it’s time for a break.  Time for a laugh.  Then it’s time for yoga.

One thought: any fringe Republican who will support Hillary Clinton over John McCain is motivated by hate and greed.  Hannity, Coulter, Bruce, Sowell, Limbaugh see a Hillary loss as a threat to their bottom line.  They make a lot more money off of a potential Hillary presidency than they would if America elects Barack Obama, or John McCain.

Hopefully the American people will give us evidence of their wisdom and cast their ballots in support of John McCain and Barack Obama.  We’re supposed to be advocating what is best for the nation, not catering to the fringes that are still bound by hate.

And now, for something completely different…. Explicit Language Bleep alert for the video below.   It’s time to f#@! Matt Damon.

— Media Lizzy