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Once upon a time, The Death of Outrage was a book by Bill Bennett. Today, his brand of Republicanism, as well as the late Barbara Olson’s, has all but disappeared and given way to a combative, constant state of vitriolic outrage expressed by Ann Coulter. Today, in her crusade against John McCain, she’s joined by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

As bright and successful as these pundits are, something divides them from Bill Bennett – and it is not only ideology. It is experience. Bill Bennett has been in the trenches for many years. He knows what it’s like to develop or implement policy – but also to walk a precinct and meet the real people whose lives are affected by policy. Which is different than a feelgoodbaskinmyglowcuzi’mfamousforbeingconservative thing. Being a political and policy practitioner is not necessarily better than being Ann Coulter – but it is different.

The anti-McCain movement among Conservatives all remind me of Patrick Buchanan. He will forever be the Conservative who was so far right, that he was darn-near Left. And then he was courting Teamsters and Jimmy Hoffa.

Finally, as a member of the fair sex… I can’t help but wonder what deep desire drives her to choose a woman like Hillary over Senator McCain. As you’ll see in this clip below, which I found thanks to Captain Ed, Ms. Coulter has pulled a Buchanan and is officially Left. She certainly is hostile to McCain’s record as a POW / Veteran. Perhaps a man in uniform broke her heart somewhere along the way. Perhaps that man spoiled her for all others. I haven’t a clue. But seething rage usually is about more than issues. It is usually personal. Whatever the narrative, Ms. Coulter is leading her band of “conservatives” across a bridge too far.

Perhaps if she leads the conservatives back underneath the Clintons desk, they will get all the answers they yearn for regarding Bill’s sexual dominance and proclivities. With any luck, they’ll stay there long enough for the rest of the country to vet John McCain and Barack Obama – then let the best man win.

— Media Lizzy

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