I am pleased that Lizzy is supporting John McCain. I always have.

John McCain is a decent, honourable man. In 2006 he addressed the British Conservative Party’s annual conference and then I realised this man is going to become the next President of the United States. He has a way of engaging with ordinary people, in a way Ronald Reagan had. He may be in his seventies, but he has a youthful approach to life. He is the man the world needs. He is a safe pair of hands.

Here – across the pond – where Conservative is on the ballot paper, our leader – David Cameron – has radically changed the Conservative brand. I have no doubt that in a couple of years he will become the next Prime Minister. Cameron and McCain stand for the same type of conservatism. People like Rush Limbaugh, will only succeed in putting a Democrat in the White House. They do not engage with mainstream opinion. All they try and do is rubbish good men and women. They would tell you that I am not a conservative, however the good news is that they do not have the monopoly on conservatism.

Republican is on the ballot paper in the US. If you want a Republican president, then vote for Senator McCain. He is the man to lead America forward and help shape our world in to a safer place.

– Andrew Allison