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Taking a short break from the election trail, I thought many readers will be interested in a campaign group that was set up a few months ago in the UK.

The British Armed Forces are having the same problems as the US military; they are overstretched. You would think Prime Minister Gordon Brown & Co would increase defence spending. No. The campaign group that was formed calls itself the UK National Defence Association. It’s membership is growing and our president is Winston S Churchill, who is the grandson of the famous man with the  same name. The problem is that the membership needs to grow significantly before we can really exert influence over the British government. I know the vast majority of readers are American, but I’m sure there is the odd British reader around who may want to join us. The website address is: www.uknda.org.

Even if you are not from the UK, please have a look at the website and find out for yourselves what our discredited government thinks about our military. It will be an eye-opener for you. Thank you.

– Andrew Allison