Obama and McCain are poised to have major momentum after tonight. But Mike Huckabee is showing surprising strength against Romney in the battle for the ‘Conservative’ vote. This is the master column for tonight… I’ll update it constantly!

UPDATE: Huckabee gave a rah-rah speech. Mitt Romney gave his ridiculous, losing stump speech. The clear Republican frontrunner is John McCain.

McCain’s speech is solid – Cindy McCain looks stunning, and a little choked up. Great stuff. Not conciliatory – but very gracious towards Romney, Huckabee… Excellent narrative!

Barack Obama takes the stage, stepping on the end of McCain’s speech- Obama gives a little magic, a little love, and a bit of policy. He’s just so darn likable.

Hillary Clinton just rolled out a new, Obama-esque stump speech. Basically, for the rest of the night – it’s all about California.

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Election results are from: CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, Politico, The Washington Post and folks from my rolodex that are on the campaign trail!


Obama wins MISSOURI, Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, Connecticut, Illinois, Alabama, Utah, Georgia, Delaware, Kansas

Clinton Wins CALIFORNIA, Arizona, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts


McCain wins CALIFORNIA, Missouri, Arizona, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Oklahoma

Romney wins Montana, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Utah (shocker!)

Huckabee wins West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee


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