I know there are Americans who think this Brit should keep his nose out of US politics. They think I don’t have a right to urge anyone to vote for anyone, as I am not American, I do not have a vote in November. They think I should just simply butt out. Well, I won’t and I will tell you why.

The result this November will have an impact on the world. I don’t want some Democrat coming in and screwing up the US economy as it will have reverberations around the world and will directly affect me. I want a Republican in the White House. I know what I am about to say will be difficult for some Republicans to swallow, however I would like to see you get behind Senator McCain and work hard for a Republican victory. I know there are many of you who will find it difficult to do that, but it has to be better than Pres. Clinton or Obama; hasn’t it?

– Andrew Allison