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In a great speech, full of red meat – Mitt Romney left the presidential race, with class. His speech was excellent – he was visibly choked up at the end. Romney challenged everyone to unite and battle the eventual Democrat nominee. He paved the way for unity- and his exit effectively places serious pressure on Mike Huckabee to get out of the race.

Later today, John McCain will address CPAC – the response from the crowd will be very important. With voices like US House Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia leading conservatives to rally around McCain – times are interesting indeed. More analysis later…

Interesting note: Jim Angle of Fox News reporting that when Mitt Romney was going over his speech for today, late last night, that he realized the best chance for Republicans to win this fall – is to be united and unite on the issue of national security / winning the war on terror. This is the sign of a statesman in training.

—Media Lizzy