Good morning all,


I just caught Mitt Romney’s suspension speech at CPAC. Decent speech. Mitt did not endorse John McCain. If anything, Mitt took a step back, reiterated his conservative credentials then tossed himself on the sword of the “conservative right”.


What does that sound like? That sounds like the opening call for a 2012 race.


But what does this signal? It’s a sign, as was Super Tuesday, that Romney really never secured the base of the Republican Party – a community he desperately needed to win. The consistent and constant questions about his authenticity, his motivations, his “real beliefs” as well as his Mormon faith continued to dog him in this race. In the South, the temperament is even more sensitive.


In his speech today however, he really did claim “the crown” of the conservative core, listing several core principles of the conservative movement that he believes in. There were no references to McCain – and more than anything, that vacuum leaves the Senator from Arizona out in the cold. The bitterness is so thick you could cut it with a butter knife.


The onus is on Senator McCain now. He doesn’t have Romney to contrast himself with anymore. McCain will have to stand on his own two feet to make the case as to why he is worthy – not deserving – but worthy to have the support of the Republican base. 


The hardest part in this is that you really can’t win with them, but you certainly can’t win without them.


And on another note, some finance updates. In the 48 hours after Super Tuesday, here is how much the Demo candidates raised:


Sen. Barak Obama – $7.2 million

Sen. Hillary Clinton – $4 million


On Super Tuesday, Democrats turned out to vote 2-for-1 over the numbers of Republicans. That says something, doesn’t it.