FoxNews, MSNBC, & CNN have called DC and Maryland for Obama…

Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff needs to find a way forward that does not resemble the Rudy Giuliani “Florida is my Firewall” strategy, if not to engineer a turnaround – at least salvage her dignity. Clearly the toxicity injected into her campaign by her husband, former President Bill Clinton is STILL a problem.

McCain swept DC, Maryland, Virginia. Woohoo.


Comparing Super Tuesday Voters with Tonight’s Maryland Voters

On Super Tuesday, Barack Obama won just 43% of women, Tonight in MD – Obama carried 59% of Women

On Super Tuesday, among voters age 18-29 voters, Obama won 57% – Tonight in MD, Obama won 68% tonight.

On Super Tuesday, voters 65+ yrs Obama won just 35% – Tonight in Maryland he carried that demographic with 51% of the vote.

On Super Tuesday, only 35% of Rural voters voted for Obama.  – Tonight in Maryland, he won 59%