There was a time when Hillary Clinton thought she easily take the Democratic nomination. With Bill behind her, surely it will be easy. Things are so different now. I am now more certain than I have ever been that Barack Obama will be slugging it out with John McCain.

The sense of panic is Camp Clinton seems to be rising every day. Now there is more negative campaigning, this time in Wisconsin, rubbishing Obama. Barack Obama is Mr Positive and Clinton seems to be Mrs Negative. If I was a registered Democrat, I know who I would vote for. Do you want a message of hope or do you want negativity? She certainly hasn’t got the charm of her husband.

Republicans will have to been on top form in this election. Obama is going to be a tough competitor and from what I have seen and read about him, he seems a personable and likeable man. Trying to work out why voters vote in the way they do has kept pollsters busy for decades. I think for many it will come down to do you want a guy who you think will make a great neighbour, a guy you would go out and have a beer with, or do you want a war veteran and an experienced public servant? It will be a close campaign.

– Andrew Allison