As I understand it, this is where the nomination battle for a Democratic nominee stands thus:

1. The Democratic National Committee penalized Michigan & Florida, stripping them of Delegates for the DNC in Denver – eliminating their influence.

2. Hillary Clinton wants to BREAK the rules that she SUPPORTED until she fell BEHIND in the pledged delegate count, and allow Michigan & Florida to COUNT.

3. Barack Obama did not campaign – not once in Florida. His name wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan. And yet, those states as an honest win? She gamed the system, Obama wasn’t dirty – so basically Hillary Clinton is saying Screw Obama – Screw the voters who might have been persuaded to vote for someone other than her.

4. Hillary Clinton’s folks are accusing Obama of breaking rules, breaking promises on public financing.

And here is my real question. Does Hillary Clinton really want to get into a “Barack isn’t a good man” contest? It’s risky, ridiculous and desperate. Because every woman over the age of 20 would see it thus: “She wouldn’t know a good man if he walked up and bit her.”

Time for me to write another long piece on gender, generation, and statistical manipulation.

— Media Lizzy
(Thanks to Tom Ford for the data correction!)