Everyday, I read stories & opinion from France 24, the BBC, The Washington Post, Politico, Real Clear Politics, and of course – from the candidates and the blogosphere.

Politics is about reading tea leaves – so it’s important to know 1) the tea shaman and 2) who is pouring the tea. With that in mind…

Patrick Ruffini, one of the preeminent New Media strategists for the GOP, has been Attacked by Ron Paul – invented the Paultard Drinking Game, and courageously declared that it’s best if the consultants Let McCain be McCain.

EM Zanotti ponders Obama The Independent, and reminds me that President George Washington has size 13 feet (waow!) and that I forgot to wish everyone a Happy President’s Day!

Of course, I’m always interested to read the musings – and often brilliant insights of Joshua Trevino. As a Magnolia Girl, I enjoyed his well-researched bit on Southern Bellwethers and his spot-on analysis of what happens now that the campaigns are Post-Potomac.

But Trevino’s Kosovar Endgame and Failure are poignant, informed and reality-based. In a presidential election year, it is easy to get caught up in dreaming of a better tomorrow. Or divining the message du jour and turning it into electoral gold.

There are many interesting voices on the net. The folks above make my top ten. Every day. Hands down. And especially on Tuesdays!

—Media Lizzy