Feminists are playing victim, and defending their girl Hillary.  On yesterday’s show – we had an American calling from the UK point out that on Female Genital Mutilation – Hillary Clinton spoke out against it in April 1998.  The BBC carried the story, you can find it HERE.  The same caller repeatedly claimed that Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama had NO page for women’s issues on his presidential campaign website.

Guess what?  She was wrong.  An Obama supporter directed me to the Women for Obama section on his website.  This page has more than a few little items.  It’s very comprehensive, includes his legislative accomplishments and details out a lot of things.

Today, our focus is on presumptiveRepublican nominee John McCain – and that will make for some mighty fine debate.  Woohoo!  Join us at 3Pm Eastern / Noon Pacific – we’ll be streaming live HERE!

—Media Lizzy