Great news on the BlogTalkRadio front! Due to the departure of Captain Ed, I’ve been tapped to sit in as the Conservative at Nikki Rocks the Politics on BlogTalkRadio (Tuesdays & Thursdays). His shoes are mighty big to fill, and I am humbled to step in. I will do my best to bring insight, facts & represent for the the Right. I am so honored to be asked to join the show by Nikki (one of BlogTalkRadio’s most popular hosts!) She is a klieg-light of positivity and I’m excited! Please tune in on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10AM Eastern / 7AM Pacific. What a GREAT way to begin your day!

The Media Lizzy Show remains a success, and I’ve expanded the show to 90 minutes. I am committed to more content, more discussion, more details and meeting the needs of the faithful listeners who make it all worthwhile. Join me on Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 3PM Pacific / Noon Pacific for the latest news from the campaign trail and the Republican Reformation. If it’s happening in Election 2008, I am your girl!

—Media Lizzy