UPDATE: Just checked out the Obama campaign site – Obama has attracted more than One Million Donors. An historic first for any presidential campaign. Like, wow.

Further demonstrating my point that Gen X & Gen Y are transforming politics, regardless of the conventional wisdom or establishment constraints… former Black Eyed Peas man, will.i.am has posted a follow up to the “Yes We Can” video from last month. “We are the ones” is star-studded – with Jessica Alba, Ryan Phillipe, Macy Gray, Kerry Washington and others. (& the title is strikingly similar to We are the World… but hey, that’s just a Gen X girl who remembers when…)

The chorus features the drowd chanting “o-bama” – catchy tune. Well timed for some earned media play just before the Texas / Ohio primaries next Tuesday. Making the world a better place – safe environment, cleaner environment – stuff everyone believes in.

The video is pure Gen X / Gen Y. Multi-lingual. Multi-racial. Pro-unity. Creative. And the big red R in the initial frames of the video is interesting too. What do you think?

With a new President, change is inevitable. It’s the path to achieving change that requires debate.

—Media Lizzy