UPDATED: I received some questions regarding the title of this post. Some were concerned that, by implication, I am ratifying the point of view that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads in 2004 were a “bad” thing. Quite the contrary. I have always, in writing & on the air, expressed my support for the right of those men to go on the record against John Kerry. (full disclosure – I worked on multiple campaigns with one of the producers of the ads – during the general election cycle I was spokesperson for President Bush’s BC04 Campaign Chair in CA) As we all know, it’s about the man next to you. And if those guys didn’t trust Kerry – the American people needed to know that before they made someone Commander in Chief. Obviously, the voters overwhelmingly supported W’s reelection. So, as far as I am concerned, the “Swift Boat-ing” of Barack Obama is just one way of noting that his free ride to the nomination is over. He is one degree away from a direct relationship with an Iraqi-born Billionaire with close ties to Saddam Hussein going back to the good ol days of plotting assassinations together. I stand by the title.

On The Media Lizzy Show: It’s make or break time for Hillary Clinton. The latest polls, the blistering partisan divide and emerging opposition research may reset the table. With the trial of Tony Rezco – a friend/bundler for Obama since the beginning of his career – reveals Obama may have met with an Iraqi born British billionaire / arms dealer / key ally of Saddam, Nadhmi Auchi.

I will tackle why the anti-War left doesn’t understand how to use reality to their advantage. McCain’s “experience” argument can be set aside. It’s not the land deal – it’s the arms dealer. Everyone has been asking what topic would make for the “Swift Boat-ing” of Barack Obama. The Rezco/Auchi revelations go straight to “judgment.”

It’s not about his middle name. And the facts clearly show Obama is a devoted Christian. But an openness, or a single-degree relationship with a convicted felon like Auchi – that IS a problem that will be exploited.

The 2008 presidential campaign is about authenticity. If voters smell a hypocrite – will they hit eject? even if it’s against the post-partisan Obama? This will be the most explosive show ever! Be sure to click HERE to tune in at 3PM Eastern / Noon Pacific!!!!

—Media Lizzy

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