Just a friendly reminder to all comers that we several contributors here at Media Lizzy & Friends.  Some love Obama, some love McCain, and occasionally – a commenter will give some love to Hillary.   We have folks from the US, UK, & Ireland.  When you read an article – look at the top to identify the author.

I am your humble host, and I support John McCain.  I am excited to finally attend a Republican National Convention for pleasure – instead of as a senior communications person navigating the multiple agendas & internecine battles that bubble beneath the surface.  While it breaks my heart to see President George W. Bush’s term coming to a close – the irony of Senator John McCain following him as the nominee is bittersweet.  It’s a great message for those of us who were on the ground in 2000.

Hopefully, when the votes are counted tonight – Senator McCain will have the mathematical  lock on the nomination.  Then, it’s time to get down to General Election Business.

Yeah, baby.

—Media Lizzy