Some stories are just cool. From the GOP Convention blog: (hat tip to Mr. Burns!)

An American Issue

A powerful story from the local ABC affiliate in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, KSTP (5 EYEWITNESS NEWS), on a Robbinsdale, Minn., soldier who will receive a new home. Sgt. Marcus Kuboy was injured in Fallujah while on patrol.

When the Republican National Convention comes to St. Paul in September, they will not only be picking a presidential nominee – they’ll be leaving behind a specially-adapted house for a hometown hero.

The new home is courtesy of Home for Our Troops, which has teamed with the Republican and Democratic conventions, credit unions, and the National Journal to build two new homes for injured servicemembers – one in Denver and one in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, sites of this year’s conventions. Sgt. Kuboy should be in his new home by September. From our perspective, it’s pretty simple: “Taking care of our veterans is not a Republican issue, it’s not a Democratic issue, it’s an American issue.”

We can’t wait to begin swinging hammers.

I’m so proud.

—Media Lizzy