Wednesday, March 5 @ 3PM Eastern / Noon Pacific
We Have a Winner! McCain Secures Republican Nomination
Media Lizzy discusses how Texas delivered the Republican Nomination for John S. McCain. Today, McCain will visit the White House, and receive the endorsement of President George W. Bush.  Hillary Clinton won Texas, Ohio, & Rhode Island.  Obama’s mojo is diminished – and now, it’s seven weeks to Pennsylvania.

Friday, March 7 @ 3PM Eastern / Noon Pacific
Iraq in Focus: An Interview with Pete Hegseth of Vets for Freedom
Media Lizzy welcomes Pete Hegseth, Iraq War Veteran and Vets for Freedom‘s Executive Director. He was a witness to the Golden Mosque bombing and aftermath – and recently returned to Samarra. It is time to put Iraq in focus: political progress, the success of the surge, and what it’s really like on the ground – and how Iraq War Veterans are making a difference.

Join me!

—Media Lizzy