Good afternoon all,

I’m still processing all that occurred on Tuesday. We all know the results of the election on the Democratic Party, but what will the fallout be for Senator John McCain in the media war?

The question has popped up a few times in the current media cycle – will the continuing battle between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination consume so much of the public (and mainstream media’s) attention that it overshadows Senator McCain’s continued consolidation of power within the Republican party?

It’s a mixed bag. My thoughts are the following:

Simple answer: Yes – it will consume the next month’s media cycles, up until Pennsylvania’s primary. It’s going to be all Democrats, all the time.

Real question: Does it matter? Absolutely not. For John McCain, there is no real drawback. There are only so many minutes in the day that the news will be covering the campaigns. If he’s not on camera doing interviews, he can be on the phone dialing for dollars. Lord knows he needs to do nothing but fundraising for the next month. General election dinero doesn’t kick in ’till the convention, which means he’s got to make it through September with the money he can raise now.

Back to media though…

The longer this drama-fest in the Democratic Party continues with the lack of a nominee and the fight intensifies over super-delegates, the more America will see that the Democratic Party isn’t really serious about competing nationally to win.

The real test will be for John McCain. Over the last year, he’s been all over the map on all of the issues. It’s time for McCain to clearly enunciate and outline, in detail, his economic and social policies, as well as his world-view on foreign policy. I don’t want to hear anecdotes or stories…I want to know what his guiding philosophy is, and how that will translate into action and reform within his administration.

With the mainstream media distracted watching the telenovia also known at the Democratic party, Senator McCain needs to step up to the plate and explain to America what he has to offer as President of the United States.