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Happy Friday to you all,

I received an e-mail this morning from our state GOP that Ebay President/CEO Meg Whitman has signed on to be a national co-chair for Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign.

This is a big pick-up for McCain…Whitman brings confidence from the business/tech community. She was most recently a national co-chair for Governor Romney’s failed presidential bid. People are also talking about her being our next Republican gubernatorial nominee here in California after Gov. Arnold terms out in 2010.

Meg is smart, savvy, successful and talented. She has helped transform a small company to a multi-billion dollar industry. She is respected across the nation for her tenacity and business acumen.

So what does this mean in the long run?

1.) Whitman will bridge the divide for McCain between himself and the tech/ business communities – two worlds he does not have strong or lasting connections with.

2.) Whitman’s previously successful fundraising effort for Mitt Romney is a good base for her to utilize to infuse some fast cash into McCain’s sagging fundraising opperation.

3.) Whitman is going to be able to lay the foundation for a network if she decides to actually “pull-the-trigger” and run for state office in California (please Meg, run!!!)

I think soon we’ll start to see more people like Whitman coming over to McCain…which is good, because this is the way that successful volunteer and finance organizations are built. Here we go!!!

Have a great weekend!