UPDATE: A State Department worker in training breached Hillary Clinton’s file last summer. One common contractor breached Senator Obama & McCain’s passport files. An additional contractor looked at Senator Obama’s files, as I understand it. A major investigation, with a focus on transparency, is now underway – staff of the Senators are being briefed – and all information will be provided to the Congressional Oversight committees.

According to multiple news sources, the passport files of Senators & Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama have ALL been breached.  I fail to see how the “imprudent curiosity” angle is a sufficient explanation for the breaches.  This is just the sort of episode that makes Americans very concerned about their privacy.  This is the sort of moment where Libertarians say, “I told you so.”

Passport files are very, very complete: travel records, contacts in the US and abroad, Social Security Number, birth date, family information, actual home address…. it’s very private information – and should not be accessed. This is about more than privacy – it is about situational ethics & public employees with political agendas.

—Media Lizzy