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I don’t want to be an alarmist, but here is another article that should be sending out huge warning signals to American’s here and our partners abroad. A new report released today indicates that our education system, in large part, is failing. They are failing individual students and failing our society.Money is not the problem. Public schools, especially in urban areas, get a disproportionate amount of money compared to private schools or charter schools opperating under the same conditions. Once again, bureaucracy is hindering growth. Too many layers of “red tape”, teachers who cannot taylor their curriculum to the needs of their students and communities, generic rubrics from which to measure “progress” that don’t take any kind of individual aptitude. It’s so ridiculous. I hope that one day the communities affected most by the failing education system will stand up and assert control over their own communities’ affairs. Community-based education. That’s what the Founder’s envisioned, and hey…it still works!


Only 1 of 2 students graduate high school in US cities: study

Apr 1 02:46 PM US/Eastern

Three out of 10 US public school students do not graduate from high school, and major city school districts only graduate one out of two students, according to a study released Tuesday.
In a report on graduation rates around the country, the EPE Research Center and the America Promise Alliance also showed that the high school graduation rate — finishing 12 grades of school — in big cities falls to as low as just 34.6 percent in Baltimore, Maryland, and barely over 40 percent for the troubled Ohio cities of Columbus and Cleveland.

And it said that black and native American student’s have effectively a one-in-two chance of getting a high school diploma.

“Our analysis finds that graduating from high school in America’s largest cities amounts, essentially, to a coin toss,” the study said.

“Only about one-half (52 percent) of students in the principal school systems of the 50 largest cities complete high school with a diploma.”

Based on 2003-2004 data, the report said that across the country the graduation average for public school students is 69.9 percent, with the best success rate in suburbs — 74.9 percent — and rural districts — 73.2 percent.

Asian-Americans score the highest graduation rate, at 80 percent, with whites at 76.2 percent and Hispanics at 57.8 percent.

Women graduate at a much higher rate than men, 73.6 percent to 66.0 percent.

In the country’s city schools, the study found that in urban areas generally, just 60.4 percent graduate, and in the principal school districts of the top 50 cities, barely half graduate.

Detroit, Michigan’s main school district scored a graduation rate of 24.9 percent.

New York, the country’s largest city, has a graduation rate for its main school district of 45.2 percent, and Los Angeles, the second largest, of 45.3 percent.

Only five of the principal school districts topped the national average.