Hillary Clinton doesn’t know when she is beaten. She still thinks ‘The White House’ is the birth right of the Clinton’s. Barack Obama will win the Democratic nomination, although it may go ‘down to the wire’ in Denver. They are the facts. Now let’s focus on what John McCain has to do.


He has to raise his profile. Both Democratic nominees are used to a public grilling. Both of them have had a fight. Sen. McCain has not. He is sitting back as a candidate in limbo. All the attention is on Obama and Clinton, and he is almost the forgotten man. His ride to victory – as far as the Republican nomination in concerned – has been too easy.


My message to John McCain is simple. Use your media contacts more effectively. Explain to the American people how you are going to make their lives better. Whilst the Democrats fight amongst themselves, rise above it. Show the American people you are a natural leader. You have a unique opportunity to raise your profile. Use it!


Andrew Allison