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Tonight is the night… Indiana and North Carolina polls are closing very shortly. The spin will immediately begin. Did Hillary win over any African Americans? Is Obama still losing among White Voters making less than $50,000 per year? Does Hillary have enough steam to defy the Democratic establishment and continue on? What happens at the DNC meeting on May 31st?

Ultimately – the question is this: Did anything happen tonight that solidifies John McCain’s appeal among centrist Democrats, Independents, and disgruntled Clinton/Obama supporters?

Check back here just after the polls close, I will be posting Exit Polling Data!

MSNBC EXIT POLLS (click for full coverage – great stuff)

—Media Lizzy

At Stake in Indiana: 72 Delegates

At Stake in North Carolina: 115 Delegates


Was Rev. Wright Controversy a Factor?

Yes 48% No 48%

Fox News Exits – Indiana

54% say Clinton is honest

62% Clinton Shares values

65% Whites w/o college voted for Clinton

58% White Men voted for Clinton

71% of Seniors voted for Clinton

66% say Obama is honest

65% say Obama shares values

Fox News Exits – North Carolina

91% of African Americans voted for Obama (making up 38% of registered Dems)

47% say Clinton is honest

60% Clinton shares values

69% Obama shares values

67% Whites w/o college voted for Clinton