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The Lake County, Indiana folk apparently feel the need to prolong the counting and keep everyone up all night. Amazes me that election officials actually pretend to be surprised when there is high voter turnout.

Electing a president is a pretty big deal. Duh.

Clinton’s lead is evaporating as the late Lake County vote totals are reported. Either Obama will overtake her and essentially end the primary race , or Hillary will cling to the narrowest victory possible. No matter what – the Democratic primary is closing out and we are fast approaching the general election.

The Clinton campaign has canceled her morning television appearances, according to my sources.

For the first time this season, Terry McAuliffe’s political weathervane act was a failure. The Clinton family and campaign team have some very tough decisions to make. A graceful end to this race will likely include Obama agreeing to orchestrate a creative way to retire the Clinton Campaign’s considerable debt. (Ah, the irony – Mark Penn’s bills being paid off in such a way) Private discussions between Obama, Hillary and their respective campaign counsel are sure to be underway in the coming days.

Woohoo, it’s almost game time for Obama and Mccain. Finally! Join me at 3Pm Eastern on Heading Right Radio – my guest is Brad Marston of McCain Now, and I expect a special appearance from the Mad Irishman – Sheridan Folger!!!

—Media Lizzy