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Greetings… I will be on a road trip Monday and Tuesday. My show will air at the scheduled time, with featured interviews. Think “Best of” + Media Lizzy + BTR!

On Monday, May 19th: Alan Levy interviews Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL and author of Lone Survivor. Plus, my interviews with Pete Hegseth from Vets for Freedom, and Akram Elias – Grand Master of the DC Free Masons. Woohoo.

On Tuesday, May 20th: Pat Dollard and Media Lizzy take a critical look at Barack Obama, War, & his new show – JihadiKillerHour on Sunday evenings here at BTR. Fmr. Gov. Jim Gilmore returns to discuss his US Senate Race in Virginia – and his take on the POTUS versus Wanna-Be Obama “appeasement” battle.

On Wednesday, May 21st – Media Lizzy will be back in the saddle!