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1. Barack Obama is entitled to his opinion.
2. Barack Obama is not entitled to his own set of facts.
3. Barack Obama has never served in the U. S. Armed Forces in any capacity.
4. Barack Obama wants to be the Commander in Chief of the U. S. Armed Forces.
5. Barack Obama said, when asked if he would meet “without pre-conditions” with Iran’s radical leader, Obama responded with instant clarity: “I would” – during the CNN/YouTube democratic primary debate in July 2007.
6. Barack Obama has not visited Iraq in more than 2 (two) years.
7. Barack Obama has NEVER met with General David Petraeus, one-on-one, to discuss the facts on the ground, the “surge,” plans for an eventual exit strategy, military logistics necessary to implement his own plan for “immediate withdrawal.”
8. General David Petraeus is the Commander of the Multi-National Forces in Iraq, he would be the go-to guy for facts.
9. Barack Obama promises to bring the troops home, nevermind our responsibility to finish the job.

Barack Obama simply can’t deliver on the promises he is making. He can’t promise a unilateral withdrawal – because no president is an island. The United States Congress manages appropriations. And the 111th Congress has not yet been elected. Has not yet been sworn in. No presidential candidate, and no president, can force the United States Congress to bend to their will. They represent the people too.

We do not live in an Obamanation. We do not live in a Marxist-liberation utopia. We live in a representative republic, not a democracy. We the People are not an academic exercise.

Political positions, policies, and governance are all very different things. When it comes to matters of war, and peace, there is no simple “bring ’em home” answer. Real Men and Real Women make decisions every day to serve in our nation’s uniform. Barack Obama has no right to determine what is, or is not, an appropriate “honor” for their voluntary service and sacrifice on behalf of this nation.

The people who live and die for our freedom deserve a Commander in Chief that understands their selfless motivation. Being the hot, bright, new shiny toy of the left is not a moral equivalent to being a US Marine, or Soldier, or Sailor, or Airman. Life in Hawaii, and a family that loved him, and a college career that included Occidental in SoCal, and degrees from Columbia and Harvard, is not a struggle equivalent to that of a young person whose family didn’t show up at the MEPS ceremony, or the boot camp graduation, or the wedding, or the birth of a first grandchild because they don’t give a damn. They don’t go to the funeral in Arlington. Barack Obama doesn’t know a damn thing about a Gold Star or Blue Star family that a staffer didn’t prescreen.

Barack Obama is not “courageous.” There are not two Americas. There is one America. Paid for with the lives of men and women who had no desire for fame, or fortune, or political games of gotcha. He is no heroic figure, no 21st Century JFK. He’s just an ambitious, bright Senator with a serious case of Potomac Fever.

—Media Lizzy