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In Todd Purdum’s latest article, he reveals a staff led near-intervention with former President Bill Clinton.  IS it the temper?  Is it the women?  Is it all a sham to make us feel sorry for Hillary, yet again?????  After 16 years of following Bubba as a journalist, Purdum has a unique insight into the Clintonian world.

Ask me if I care… whether Bill and Hill are experiencing difficulties, and I will tell you No.  Such personal, and deeply private matters do not belong in the public eye… but we live in a TMZ world, and cynical me – I think the timing gives Hillary a distinct advantage as the primary campaign against Obama winds down.  He won’t want to be the last man who shames her.

—Media Lizzy

Excerpt…The Comeback Id

…Burkle’s usual means of transport is the custom-converted Boeing 757 that Clinton calls “Ron Air” and that Burkle’s own circle of young aides privately refer to as “Air Fuck One.” Clinton himself had arrived on the private plane of another California friend, the real-estate heir, Democratic donor, liberal activist, and sometime movie and music producer Steve Bing, whose colorful private life includes fathering a child out of wedlock with the actress Elizabeth Hurley…