Number 10…Hillary undermines Barack by coughing ‘A**hole’ under her breath every time he speaks!

Number 9…Barack worries that Hillary sounds more street than he is!

Number 8…Hillary packs Barack’s lunch each morning with an added special ‘mystery’ ingredient…!

Number 7…Bill asks Michelle to be his intern!

Number 6…Hillary’s legendary sense of humour!

Number 5…Bill challenges Barack to a Dance-Off to see who the real Black President is!

Number 4…Barack asks for ideas and Hillary says she’s got a great one for him on Health care Reform…!

Number 3…Bill impersonates Barack as Gary Coleman and asks ‘Whatchew talking about Mr President?’!

Number 2…Bill loses it and runs around the Oval Office shouting ‘That’s my chair, that’s my chair!’!

And the Number one reason Barack won’t pick Hillary as his Running Mate is…

Barack’s panic when Hillary looks at him and says she just gotta have it!