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Convention YouTube Contest Earning Praise

Blogosphere Highlights GOP Efforts to Extend Online Reach

Here’s a sampling of what the blogosphere is saying about the American Neighbor YouTube contest launched by the 2008 Republican National Convention on May 23:

Top of the Ticket – LA Times: “This could be the ultimate merger of politics, the Web and entertainment… the Republicans have generally lagged behind the Democrats in Web innovation. This might catch them up a bit.” – (5/23/08)

Media Lizzy & Friends: “Making a commitment to a cause greater than our own self-interest is critical to understanding the presumptive Republican nominee…This morning, I was excited to see a call to serve – with a 21st Century twist.” – (5/23/08)

Personal Democracy Forum : “A very cool idea. Your move, DNC.” – (5/23/08)

Political Fix- STLtoday.com: “So far this campaign season, the political right has lagged a bit behind the political left in terms of Internet politicking…But not any more [sic].” – (5/24/08)

J.T. Dabbagian: “One wonders, though…Why isn’t the Democratic Party doing something? Obviously, they need to counteract this…It would seem that the Republicans are using social media better then the (D)emocrats, as they used it to pick the name of their new blog, the Grand Old Blog.” – (5/24/08)

Citizentube: “It may be three months away, but the GOP has been planning the Republican National Convention for some time — and YouTube is a key part of their strategy.” – (5/24/08)

MinnPost.com: “John McCain might not exactly be part of the YouTube generation, but his supporters hope to tap into that younger-demo communications network in an effort to elect the senior senator from Arizona to the presidency.” – (5/24/08)

About the American Neighbor YouTube Convention Contest

From May 23 through June 26, 2008, users can submit a short video through the convention’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/GOPConvention2008. On June 27, the convention will announce five finalists, which will be voted on by YouTube users through the convention’s YouTube page. Voting runs through July 3, with the winner announced on Independence Day.

The winning video will be played during the official proceedings of the 2008 Republican National Convention. The producer and person profiled in the winning video will be invited to attend the convention.

Since the contest launch just before Memorial Day weekend, there have been more than 400,000 page views on the convention’s YouTube channel, and nearly 50,000 people have watched a video call for contest entries.