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Some jokes are funny. Satire is more often than not amusing, And sometimes, in an attempt to be a purveyor of satire, a person takes it a step – or mile – too far. While there are many, many satirists-in-waiting… the bells toll for their fearless leader: Al Franken. Once upon a time he was the endearing Stuart Smalley. And then he was a speech & joke writer – for pay – at the Democratic National Committee. Of course, along the way, we were all treated to the high profile Al Franken.

In fact, I even hosted Al Franken at a private party at the Tavern on the Green in 2004 during the Republican National Convention. He was affable, his wife delightful. Franken was nothing like the caricature I had bemoaned duing much of my career. He was invited at the request of a mutual friend, who assured me the private Franken was much different. I was pleasantly surprised to find that to be true.

After that evening, I took up the cause of defending him because I realized he was not the caricature I once thought. We all have our flaws after all. And he was not a candidate for the US Senate.

But personal responsibility trumps a nice cocktail party and interesting conversation. I regret extending that invitation in 2004. Al Franken is a candidate for US Senate, not “just” a satirist. Governance is no joke. Judgment matters. And the very real failures of Al Franken before he aspired to elected office are relevant. He failed to pay workers comp. Failed to pay taxes. And penned an article for Playboy that is so reprehensible, I can barely believe those words were emitted from the mind of a man I once stood next to an ice sculpture with, listening to his stories from the last trip he took with the USO.

I wonder if he endorses Barack Obama with that mouth.

— Media Lizzy