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Happy Monday, all –

This morning I was awakened to the column left, page A1 of the Los Angeles Times drudging up the topic AGAIN of the social conservative so-called “base” of the Republican Party still not “warming up” to Sen. John McCain’s campaign

Is this really going to be what we’re going to be talking about for the next 6 months? I mean really – this is not 2004 all over again. Senator McCain is running a different kind of campaign.

The media’s fascination with the purported fractionalization within the McCain campaign and the Republican Party in general is just rediculous. Let’s really examine the facts:

1.) This is not 2004 – McCain is a “new” candidate, not an incumbent, and the entire Party on all levels is working towards coordinating all campaigns, so it makes sense that the RNC & McCain campaign is working towards the goal of creating a unified campaign structure – Victory 2008 – to lessen the fundraising burden on the candidate and create a central campaign organization that will be able to have more autonomy and react individually to candidates and races in each state.

2.) The RNC has wacked the DNC when it comes to fundraising. I like a unified/joint state & federal campaign strcture – it means more $$$ flowing into our down-ticket races. More money to help grow our farm team.

3.) Sen. McCain’s campaign approach – focusing on the core issues of economic prosperity, strong national security, energy independence and environmentalism brings him EXACTLY in line where the majority of Americans are today. Social values are important, but isn’t it a bit feudal discussing gay marriage if the Jihadists are flying planes into our major cities and our economy cracks under the weight of federal red tape?

This is the deal folks- it’s not 2004. Social conservatives will always have a seat at the table, but are not going set the agenda for this election. There are too many interests at stake. And for every social conservative vote that might stay home on election day because they weren’t feeling “motivated”, there will be a new voter that Senator John McCain has brought into the fold though inspired and principled leadership. That is the leadership I’m personally looking for and America is yearning for. Issues, not dogma will be the factor in this campaign. The future is too important for us to continue looking to the past for clues as to how this election cycle will play out. It’s time to rewrite the paradigm on how elections are fought and won in this election, and some fresh ideas certainly will help. It worked for Senator Obama, and it is working for Senator McCain.