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For months on Heading Right Radio, I have noted how Obama’s “new politics” apparently includes a reliance on MoveOn.org and Code Pink. For months, I have talked about his bundler Jodie Evans – a Code Pink co-founder who routinely interrupts Congressional hearings, and a US Marine Corps recruiting station in Berkeley. Hard to have “new politics” and rail against “special interests” – when a special interest group (like MoveOn.org which ran the infamous General Betray Us” ad) is raising money for his campaign from their website – or when a leader of s special interest group, like the aforementioned Jodie Evans, is a bundler for the presidential campaign.

Jim Johnson’s departure, and the breaks with other campaign advisers – like Samantha Power or Robert Malley – illuminates the Obama campaign’s continuing struggle to keep his promises of “new politics” while staffing up with qualified insiders that have deep ties to “old politics.”

After the long string of the dismissed – Wright, Fleger, Power, Malley, Johnson – and the few he kept (Goolsbee) – Obama is making a conscious decision to remain closely allied with anti-war, anti-US zealots like Bill Ayers and Jodie Evans. He can talk about change all he wants but we have the right to reject his brand of change. Association with radicals is a deal breaker for me. Especially after all the sweet-talking promises of hope, change and charter schools. I don’t believe him anymore.

He makes a conscious decision to associate himself with people who hate what my family, and many other national-security focused, pro-military, pro-war families stand for.

A little advice… good luck with that.

—Media Lizzy