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Living in Los Angeles, it’s really easy to be obsessed with being on the right lists…the hot new gallery opening, the private sale list at the cool boutique down the street, the uber-trendy club-of-the-moment in Hollywood, but there are some lists even I would not want to be on.

One of those lists happens to be the Clinton “shit-list” – yes…I’m not bleeping out that list, because it’s damn real. Now, we all have our lists like that…mine happens to be compiled of four or five people throughout my life of 27 years who have been my (bad) ex’s, people who have seriously crossed me academically, personally or professionally, etc.

But hell – Hillary (and Bill) Clinton’s shit list is complied of former Members of Congress, Ambassadors, senior political consultants & strategists and Party apparatchiki. Wow.

So what are the implications here? Well, there are a few. The fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton is NOT done. She will still have a very powerful grip over a large part of the Party for the next decade, as she and her husband have over the 20 years. It could be argued that the Clinton’s have almost eclipsed the Kennedy’s in their ability to change hearts, minds and coalesce power and money.

And you can bet that if Sen. Obama loses this election, both he and Howard Dean will be out on their behinds on the street corner with a power vacuum that only a Clinton could fill. Who thinks that they could see the name “DNC Chairman” after Bill Clinton’s name? I could, easily.

So this “list” is still going to hold enormous strength over the next few years – because Bill Clinton is, and could be, the last Democrat president of the United States for the short future.