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Hello all,

So I’m officially pronouncing June 2008 as the “Month of the Gay” – every day there is something in the news. People love us, people hate us, but everybody is talking about us.😉

Yeah yeah…I’m sure you’re getting tired of it. I certainly am. I’m really not that different from the rest of y’all, which I’m sure you’ve figured out by now.

To continue the march of the “far right” tripping up all over themselves to “out-hate” each other, a group of 10 GOP Senators have….drum roll please…. REINTRODUCED a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage!

Now, beyond the fact that this has been tried soooooooo many times without avail and is probably more a reflection of the desperation of the lackluster GOP leadership on the national level that they have to pull a page from Karl Rove’s 2004 strategy book.

The most entertaining part, however, is exactly who is involved. Yes folks, two of our most illustrious and moral US Senators, David Vitter and Larry Craig are both co-sponsors of this piece of legislation.

Yes, David Vitter who was caught hiring prostitutes and Larry Craig, who…well…we all know what Larry Craig did (and yes, I will be tracking down that bathroom for a souvenir photo when I go to MSP in August for the GOP Convention).

I think it is reprehensible, beyond the sheer hypocrisy obviously present, for these two individuals to be riding the moral high-horse in the “defense of marriage” given their own personal actions that have made their own marriages and the Republican Party a national joke when it comes to morality.

The more they push this kind of agenda, the more it reminds us of their own failings as individuals. I take pitty on them and hope their wifes can escape the shame they continue to bring to their families.

Happy Sunday all…I’m off to church.