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Host, JihadiKiller Hour on BlogTalkRadioSure…some folks will wince at the obvious reference. And while I appreciate their sensitivity… it is meant honestly. On Sunday mornings, very often – we can predict the questions, the answers, and the roundtable analysis – and recite it all along with near 100% verbatim accuracy. Seldom do we hear something new. The occasionally insightful analysis is often buried underneath caveats, which are in abundance.

Choosing our next president is a matter of critical importance. But let’s be real – Politics is part expectations game, and part roulette. Governance is about the issues, the specifics, the plan. If it were only about politics…there would never be an election. We’d be in a third world country.

We debate, fight, discuss, and vote because we are Americans. Because we are different. Because our Representative Republic is unique. Because we honestly believe, to our very bones, that We the People have a choice – and inalienable rights.

Every day, I read dozens of mainstream press articles from across the globe. I work the rolodex I spent the last 15 years building. And in my search for boldness, naked truth, and uncompromising love of country – I read through Pat Dollard’s site. But…since being an American also includes a few vices, I choose Sunday nights to indulge my Oo-rah, Hoo-yah pro-America sensibility by listening to the JihadiKiller Hour, hosted by Pat Dollard on Sunday evenings at 11PM eastern / 8PM Pacific.

For my politics, it is Johnny Cash meets Hunter Thompson authenticity, putting to bed the schoolgirl fantasies of Prince Charming – and trading him in for the 21st Century Lancelot-Arthur hybrid. Amen.  The next generation of politicos should take note, truth is what matters.  And that it what Dollard offers.  The current generation should also pay attention, because voters are not asking permission to be insiders any more.

Last week, I celebrated one year with BlogTalkRadio.  I’ve interviewed many a patriot.  But none so willing to lead the political troops.   And my Prada shoes (cause I don’t wear hats) are off to Pat – because its about damn time someone got bold.

I love my country – and its nice to know – I am not alone.

—Media Lizzy