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Sooo…. the news is public now, thanks to J-Mart @Politico.  It’s been in the works for awhile – and it will reassure the inside the beltway crowd.  Former operators that play ‘source’ have been itching, scratching and salivating for the McCain campaign to get down to business.

It’s official.  Steve Schmidt is assuming control of the McCain campaign operation.  Can I get an AMEN!  Sometimes billed as a Rove protege… the truth is that Schmidt ain’t new on the political scene.  Schmidt’s years of hard work for Congressional, Senatorial, Gubernatorial candidates, being an adviser to Vice President Cheney and a stint in Iraq make Schmidt formidable.

Perhaps Schmidt’s biggest success was wrestling the Governator’s flailing brand to the ground, re-building it and steering Arnold Schwarzenegger into second term as Governor of California – despite the clear anti-Republican, anti-incumbent, mood of an electorate that was screaming for “change.”   Sound familiar?

All I can say… hallelujah.

—Media Lizzy