hermitage-union-office.jpgOn a recent Sunday morning drive to church, I saw this sign. I was immediately struck by two things.

First, it hasn’t taken long for players on the Left to start marching to the beat of misinformation, deception and lies that must be part of Obama’s campaign if he is to win. He cannot be seen for who he really is or he will lose. Second, this is the Union’s marquis, not just Greg Stallings’. How many members believe gas prices are Bush’s fault?

Lies and deception? Those are harsh words. However, the question is, are they justified? An objective consideration of facts says they are. The sign’s point is the price of gas has increased from $1.46 p/gal to over $4.00 p/gal since 01/01. It was Bush’s watch so it must be Bush’s fault. Voters should, therefore, punish Bush and the GOP for their mismanagement and vote Democrat this Fall.

However, questions must be asked. Can only politicians impact price or might other factors explain the increase? If politicians are to blame, might a politician other than Bush be responsible?

Market forces and events impact price. 9/11 happened on W’s watch and had such an impact. But unless W generated more US hatred in 8 months than Clinton did in 8 years, you cannot conclude price changes after 9/11 were Bush’s fault. They may not be Clinton’s but they sure aren’t Bush’s. Yet for Leftist coalition members like Unions, there are no market explanations. It’s all political! Where is the Union’s objective consideration of the impact of market forces? They offer only political solutions. It doesn’t have to be true, just effective. How does misrepresenting the issue serve their members?

If, however, we assume politicians can impact the market, why assume only the Executive branch can? According to Energy Information Administration data, graphing gas’s price over time yields interesting results. From 01/01 when Bush took office to 01/07, when Democrats took back Congress, the price of a gallon of gas went from $1.49 to just $2.29. That’s just an $0.80 p/gal increase over 6 years! This time frame includes 9/11 ($1.56 in 09/01), the Gulf War ($1.73 in 03/03) and Hurricane Katrina ($2.95 in 09/05)! There were several drops in price during that time. Once the price actually fell below the $1.49 starting price! However, from 01/07 to today the price rose from $2.29 per gallon to $4.11! Almost a $2 per gallon increases in 18 months! 150% worse performance in 25% of the time! There was one dip in price which never neared the starting price! What event marks this time period? Democrats regained control of Congress. So why doesn’t the sign read “When Democrats took office gas was $2.29”?

Leftists cannot have it both ways. In 2000 they charged Bush was in bed with Big Oil. During the ’06 elections, Democrats again blamed Bush for high gas prices and vowed to fix it if only we’d elect them. Americans fell for the lie and Democrats were voted in. How have they performed?

It’s actually worse since Congress could reduce the cost of gas tomorrow if they’d rescind the federal tax on gas. All Americans would benefit, including Union members. But it isn’t about helping Americans, unionized or not. It’s about power for Democrats and their Union allies. If access to tax dollars to dole out is reduced, the Left loses power. It’s unlikely Democrats would permit that to happen.

But the real tragedy is not that Unions and Democrats are selling out the country for personal gain. It is that misdirecting the people’s attention away from the real reasons for high fuel prices guarantees the problem will not be fixed. Is this really the sort of representation Americans need in Union halls and legislatures? It cannot be said too many times. The Left says they are for the common man. But their actions say different. Despite deceptive signs, it’s actions, not words, which mean the most.

Perhaps Americans will reconsider voting for the Left in November. They may want to reconsider union management votes as well. Gas may not cost less in the short run but there will be people interested in fixing the problem in office. Elected officials, union and governmental, who care enough to tell you the truth.

Thinking that’s a good sign, both for unions and for government …

Blue Collar Muse