It is laughable that Obama supporters pretend his opinion regarding Iraq even approximates reality. Simply put, General David Petraeus – with the considerable assistance of John McCain – crafted the current SUCCESSFUL strategy. Obama has proven to be wrong over and over, except on the occasions when he arrives at positions long held my McCain.

McCain is fit, qualified, tested and ready to be President and Commander in Chief. Obama is fit, qualified, tested and ready for bu tone job: Poseur in Chief.

—Media Lizzy

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, McCain 2008 Senior Foreign Policy Advisor Randy Scheunemann issued the following statement:

“The difference between John McCain and Barack Obama is that Barack Obama advocates an unconditional withdrawal that ignores the facts on the ground and the advice of our top military commanders. John McCain believes withdrawal must be based on conditions on the ground. Prime Minister Maliki has repeatedly affirmed the same view, and did so again today. Timing is not as important as whether we leave with victory and honor, which is of no apparent concern to Barack Obama. The fundamental truth remains that Senator McCain was right about the surge and Senator Obama was wrong. We would not be in the position to discuss a responsible withdrawal today if Senator Obama’s views had prevailed.”