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Woohoo… just got off the first big ‘let’s get organized’ call with a roundup of Hosts/Bloggers at BlogTalkRadio and at the Grizzly Groundswell.  All I can say right now: Hold on to your horses.  Look for updates here, at HeadingRight.com and on my show at BTR.  Dozens of people are going to get involved in this historic effort – and I am just as excited now as I was on my first GOP Convention in Philly 2000.  (Thank you to The Honorable John Hager and my eclectic set of friends in the Old Dominion)

GOP Convention 2008 is shaping up to be the place where Old School and Good Ol Boy meet new Media. Or, as my fellow Blogstress General Rachel says: “this is where the Main Stream Media will intersect with Main Street Media.”

Just a few days ago, the Convention folks got the keys to the Xcel Center.  Staff will begin moving into the offices gradually, so that when the gavel falls – everyone is headquartered inside the Arena.  Fun!