Media Lizzy linked at JohnMcCain.com

Media Lizzy linked at JohnMcCain.com

Unprecedented coverage is starting to unfold here – every day.  We’re everywhere.  The McCain campaign links here (we’re under ‘Other’ on the Spread the word page) – and we are dedicated to bringing you the latest from the Straight Talk Express.  But it’s not about just reporting it – we are dedicated to providing analysis.  Insider perspective.  Giving you a glimpse how the process looks to campaign consultants, strategists, and donors hoping for a return on their investment,  whether its with clean, good governance or through patronage appointments.  Sometimes, it’s just about getting credentials for the next big thing.

I am dedicated to bringing you more than McCain-related news.  Hours and hours of research into geo-politics, foreign and domestic policy, and understanding the election trends.  What is Obama up to?  Is his candidacy as historic, or meaningful, as the Main Stream Media wants you to believe?  To keep improving, we need your support.

We are making a major impact.  My recent series, at BlogTalkRadio, on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) and their involvement with FARC, a Columbia revolutionary group designated as a terrorist organization by the US State Department, delivered the first real substantive answer from Democrats in Congress on this complex issue – in the wake of the hostage rescue.

To  bring you even more coverage – by pressing the US Congressional leadership, and the leadership of both

GOP Convention links to Media Lizzy

GOP Convention links to Media Lizzy

parties nationally – and in the states -for real answers, real progress, and adherence to the principles enumerated by our Founding Fathers, your support is needed.  Please consider a one time donation to help these ongoing efforts!

We will do more than cover the news – we will be breaking it.  I will live blog from the GOP Convention in Minneapolis, and they have already linked here! Going forward, I will make the rounds in the spin rooms at the Presidential Debates, the Vice Presidential Debate, campaign events across the country, and the hours and hours of research it takes to bring you comprehensive coverage —- the resources required to kick it up several notches needs to be augmented, right along with our coverage.

We are working on moving this blog to a big new fancy, schmancy server – so we can customize the site and improve your experience.

Like many, many other independent blogs – we are going to rely on you, our readers to help us along the way.  Advertisements for this blog are coming, and if you are interested in advertising here – just send me an email at eliz@medializzy.com.

This is a developing story – we’ll be revealing more very soon.  We will be using PayPal – you can donate with most major credit cards The first ten folks (10!) to donate $50 or more, using this LINK, will receive some GOP related goodies as a big thank you!  But folks,you can donate any amount – even $1makes a difference!

I will be launching affordable weekly and monthly subscriptions later this evening.  But for now, please consider supporting our efforts!

—Media Lizzy, on behalf of the whole gang here!