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Republicans Members of Congress are defying Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They are demanding a vote on Oil Drilling.

Fox News Radio has  exclusive audio from the floor.  And apparently they are daring Pelosi to throw them out.
I have just exchanged email from a Senior Leadership Aide on the Democratic side, and he characterized the events unfolding on the floor thus:

“Republicans must think that Big Oil is paying them by the hour. Just like their energy plan, this is just another hoax they are pulling on the American people. Republicans have no real plan to lead our country toward energy independence, and that is why they are refusing to go home.”

During my LIVE coverage earlier today at The Media Lizzy Show – I spoke with Chief Deputy (Minority) Whip Eric Cantor. Congressman Cantor is an absolute bright star in the political landscape.

Many thanks to the support of my BTR colleagues: Eeevil Conservative, who broke the story on my show today – LONG BEFORE the MSM picked it up. And to A Newt One… and MD Conservative… and everyone!

More updates are on the way.