Earlier today, Chief Deputy Republican Whip Eric Cantor, VA-7, participated in the McCain campaign morning press call. After his appearance on my show last Friday, just as the House GOP was beginning to inspire the Twitter revolution – via users with the #dontgo hashtag, I went on to break (before the MSM) that Cantor was being vetted by Arthur ‘A. B.’ Culvahouse as a potential running mate for John McCain. One thing comes to mind… Yes We CANTOR!

From Earlier today, in COngressman Cantor’s own words:

“We are here on the call today to really begin to look at what we are going to hear for the rest of the day, which is the unveiling of Barack Obama’s energy plan for the future. I think it comes at a time when everyone looks around and sees that the American people are really hurting. I know here in my home state of Virginia I have talked to seniors on fixed incomes who just cannot deal with $4 a gallon gas. We’ve got police forces, school systems, small businesses that are really buckling up under the pressure of the sky-high gas prices.

“So it is clear that this is an issue that is very important to our economy and to the families of America. And I believe that what we will see today is Barack Obama attempting to paint a picture of an energy plan that frankly is not based on developing more American energy supply. I believe that anyone who says that we can achieve energy independence in this country without that, without more nuclear power without more offshore drilling, without more clean coal, doesn’t have the experience to understand the problem we are faced with or isn’t being straightforward to the American people.”


—Media Lizzy