Hello all,

Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany, where I have a 6 hour layover before heading off to Sweden for a good friend’s wedding. I had a few extra minutes here in the lounge…I was looking at my recently stamped passport and realized it had been 7 years since I have last left the country. People-watching in another country is so interesting, although I’m highly entertained because my “gay-dar” keeps going off, and I can’t tell which men are actually gay and which ones are just “Euro.” Go figure. :-p

While the news is centered on the Olympics in China right now, the reaction I’ve gotten on the plane here and in the lounge when they ask if I’m America automatically shifts to one of anticipation over the “impending” election of Barak obama to the American presidency.

I try to temper my knowledge of where I am and who I’m talking to when I travel like this. I’ve already made the reference on this blog about Obama seemingly running for the winner of American Idol versus the American presidency.

I’m consistantly entertained by the European notion that we all have to “like” each other on this planet. My Swedish flight attendant on the flight from ORD-FRA really thought that what was the priority in this election was “restoring” America’s good favor and “likeability” throughout the world. I was absolutly dumbfounded.


Now, I’m not about to throw on my t-shirt that reads “You can stop staring – Yes, I’m an American, and you’re welcome“, but I just think it’s highly entertaining that this continent, who’s collective ass we saved just 50 years ago, really wants to have a golobal “kum-ba-ya” fest.

Now, I get their rationale – since WWII, the way the Europeans have handled conflict is to have a very passive, not agressive, response. Common language, European Union – when conflict arises, it’s a big “let’s sit down and talk about it” mentality.

Well, guess what – that strategy doesn’t work in places like Iran and North Korea. Somebody on this planet needs to be responsible and “hold the keys to the gun-cabinet” incase one of these global agents of terror decides to go nuts.

So when I hear European’s and even American’s talk about how important it is that we immediately “repair” our global position or image, I just remember the generocity that America still continues to extend to the globe in all forms, both military and humanitarian, and thank my lucky stars that it’s the people of America that elect our president.

auf Wiedersehen,