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And if the WaPo wasn’t enough for you… On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Evan Bayh – a potential Veep for Obama – has said aloud what many of us in the #dontgo movement knew, and what many average Americans feared:

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”
August 6, 2008

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “Let me bring in Evan Bayh and give him a chance to talk about this also — offshore oil drilling. The Obama campaign criticized John McCain for flip-flopping on oil drilling and then a week later, the Obama campaign flip-flopped on oil drilling. Why?”

Senator Evan Bayh: “Well, I don’t think he has flip-flopped at all, Joe. You don’t have to listen to the politicians about this. You can listen to people like Boone Pickens who has made billions of dollars in the oil industry. He has said very clearly, we can’t drill our way out of this problem. You can listen to Charlie’s fellow governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a pretty straight shooting guy, who says that anybody who says we can drill our way out of this problem is not being straight with the American people.”

Scarborough: “What is Barack Obama’s position on offshore oil drilling because a lot of people are confused?”

Senator Bayh: “He believes it is not really the short-term or long-term answer to the problem.”

Watch Senator Evan Bayh On “Morning Joe”